Will The Mo-Tow Suit My Car?

It's very hard to gather a list of suitable vehicles as there are many factors that determine it's suitability for a particular car, some basic guidelines are as follows:

1 - Car must be fitted with a pull out type towbar with a 50 x 50 mm receiver.

2 - The car needs to have a "downward load rating" of at least the weight of the bike plus the weight of the Mo-Tow (20kgs) combined.

For example in the case of a Ford Focus XR5, it's likely it is fitted with a towbar which would only have a rating of around 90 kgs. This means if a Mo-Tow was fitted the bike weight could not exceed 70kgs.

It may be worthwhile having a towbar company asses your vehicle to get a clear indication of your towbar's load rating before making a purchase.

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